10 Must Know Off-page SEO Techniques for 2019

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Internet Search Engine Optimization is among the techniques accustomed to improve visitors to an internet site by acquiring a higher-rank placement within the Internet Search Engine Search Engines (SERP) for example Google, Bing, Yahoo yet others. Search engine optimization has two strategies to improve website position in SERP known as ON-Page Search engine optimization and OFF-Page Search engine optimization:

ON-Page Search engine optimization:

It describes everything that people do inside our website for example title, description, content, image, keyword stuffing, internal linking, etc. Overall the on-page technique means structuring or building your site to become internet search engine friendly.

Off-Page Search engine optimization:

Off-page Search engine optimization will make your website popular on the web, to get more visibility. Using the on-page techniques we are able to get visibility searching engines. Only off-page Search engine optimization techniques can help enhance your website position in SERP. Check out their email list of top ten better off-page Search engine optimization techniques now in trend.

1. Social Networking Engagement

A significant Off-page Search engine optimization strategy is social networking engagement. If you wish to help make your business, blog or website popular, build relationships people on multiple social networking platforms. Social networking presence can help increase your business as well as help you to get more back-links.

Top social networks

S.No    Social Networking Sites    DA    PA    PR

1    http://world wide web.twitter.com/100    97    10

2    http://world wide web.facebook.com/100    97    9

3    http://world wide web.linkedin.com/100    97    9

4    http://world wide web.pinterest.com/100    96    9

5    http://plus.google.com/100    96    9

2. Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking sites are among the best platforms to advertise your site. Whenever you bookmark your website or blog publish on popular social bookmark submitting websites, you will get high visitors to your website or blog.

Popular and PR Bookmarking Websites

S.No    Social bookmarking sites    DA    PA    PR

1    https://scrumptious.com    98    96    8

2    http://stumbleupon.com    98    90    8

3    http://digg.com    99    96    7

4    http://slashdot.org    94    95    7

5    http://diigo.com    92    65    7

6    http://technorati.com/99    95    7

3. Forum Submission

Take part in search forums which are based on your site and business making a reference to that community. Answer threads, answer people’s questions and provide your suggestions and advice. Utilize “Do-Follow” forums.

Listing of high PR forums

S.No    Forum Submission Sites

DA    PA    PR

1    https://world wide web.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/98    61    9

2    http://world wide web.addthis.com/forum    100    57    8

3    https://bbpress.org/forums/79    64    7

4    http://world wide web.careerbuilder.com    88    90    7

5    http://world wide web.chronicle.com/forums    88    44    4

4. Blog Directory Submission

Directory Submission is continually trying to quality back-links. Choose a highly effective directory and choose an effective category. It requires quite a while to provide great results, however these results stick out over a longer period period.

Free directory submission list

S.No    Blog Directory Submission Sites

DA    PA    PR

1    http://world wide web.boingboing.net    91    89    8

2    http://technorati.com    99    95    7

3    http://world wide web.networkedblogs.com    91    92    7

4    http://world wide web.elecdir.com    36    42    6

5    http://world wide web.a1webdirectory.org/49    57    5

 5. Writing And Submitting Articles

Submit your posts inside a high PR writing and submitting articles directory. You may also give links aimed at your website. Make certain your articles is exclusive and of top quality. Poor content and content which has more keyword stuffing could easily get rejected. Pick the correct category and provide a great title for your content.

Submitted Article Submission sites

S.No    Article Submission Sites    DA    PA    PR

1    http://world wide web.thefreelibrary.com/78    82    7

2    http://world wide web.magportal.com    54    61    6

3    http://ezinearticles.com    89    92    6

4    http://hubpages.com/87    89    6

5    http://world wide web.brighthub.com/68    73    5

6. Question and Answer

Among the best ways you can high visitors are from question and answer websites. Join high PR question and answer sites and check for questions associated with your company, web or blogsite and provide obvious solutions to those questions. Provide a backlink to your website which supports in getting you more visibility.

Question and Answer Websites

S.No    Question and Answer Sites    DA    PA    PR

1    https://solutions.yahoo.com/100    91    8

2    http://askville.amazon . com.com/97    69    8

3    https://world wide web.quora.com/87    90    7

4    http://world wide web.blurtit.com/49    57    4

5    http://world wide web.ehow.com/90    91    6

7. Video Submission

If you wish to help make your videos popular, mind to popular video submission sites. Provide a proper title, description, tags and reference links. It is among the popular methods for getting quality back-links because all video submission websites have high PR.

Video discussing sites

S.No    Video Submission Sites

DA    PA    PR

1    https://world wide web.youtube.com/100    97    9

2    https://vimeo.com/98    97    9

3    http://world wide web.ustream.tv/94    95    8

4    https://vine.co/79    82    7

5    http://world wide web.hulu.com/88    90    7

6    http://world wide web.break.com/82    86    6

7    http://world wide web.metacafe.com    86    89    6

8    http://world wide web.dailymotion.com/in    94    77    5

8. Image Submission

Share your photos on popular image submission websites. Before submitting your images please optimize all of them with the right URL and title tag. Before submitting your images, check should they have an effective title, description and tags.

Image discussing sites

S.No    Image Submission Sites    DA    PA    PR

1    https://world wide web.flickr.com/98    97    9

2    https://instagram.com/97    96    9

3    https://picasa.google.com/100    91    8

4    https://world wide web.tumblr.com/98    96    8

5    http://world wide web.deviantart.com/92    93    7

6    http://imgur.com/95    93    6

7    https://world wide web.mediafire.com/89    91    6

8    https://world wide web.shutterfly.com/84    87    6

9    http://world wide web.fotolog.com/74    79    6

9. Infographics Submission

Make creative infographics. Nowadays, infographics are becoming popular on the web. Submit your infographics on infographics submission websites and provide reference links for your website or blog. The look sizes differ with various websites.

Infographics Submission Sites

S.No    Infographics Submission Sites

DA    PA    PR

1    http://visual.ly/84    87    7

2    http://world wide web.reddit.com/r/Infographics    99    55    4

3    http://submitinfographics.com/44    50    4

4    http://world wide web.nerdgraph.com/38    48    4

5    http://world wide web.infographiclove.com/26    38    2

6    http://world wide web.infographicsarchive.com/40    49    2

10. Document Discussing

Create attractive documents with regards to your business or blog. The documents must have completely unique content and really should maintain either pdf or ppt formats. Submit these documents within the document discussing websites.

Document Discussing Sites

S.No    Document Discussing Websites    DA    PA    PR

1    http://issuu.com/94    95    9

2    http://world wide web.slideshare.internet/95    95    8

3    https://world wide web.scribd.com/92    93    8

4    http://en.calameo.com/92    81    7

5 http://free.yudu.com/67    71    5


Proper On-page and Off-page optimization work can give a much better position aimed at your website in SERP. The above mentioned websites are listed in line with the website’s PA (Page Authority), DA (Domain Authority) and PR (Page Ranking). Please comment here knowing every other characteristics that people can add list which we may have forgotten.

Note: Pr (PR) is not a legitimate quality factor for just about any website, hence you are able to ignore that column and above pointed out PA, DA can vary a bit using the current data. Our exterminator will come track of more list in addition to off-page search engine optimization techniques, trends and techniques with increased insights.
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