11 Tips for Briefing a Freelancer on Your Project’s Goals

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“What’s the best method to brief a freelancer in your project goals?”

This could be clarified in a wide variety of ways, and also the 11 solutions below from Small Company Trends dives into this.

Freelancer Project’s Goals #1. Come Up With a piece Needs Document

“You ought to provide a document that states the whole objective of the work and offers any necessary details regarding how to complete it effectively. The greater specific and detailed you're, the greater. Make certain your objective and also the expected outcome are clearly defined, then when anything has ended, it's obvious if the service continues to be completed effectively. ” ~ Andy Karuza, FenSens

Freelancer Project’s Goals #2. Plan a Brief Working Session

“Sometimes the easiest method to understand a task would be to dive in it. Create a short one- or more-hour working session (ideally personally but video conferences are fine), in which you collaboratively discuss and sketch out suggestions for a task. Frequently a sitemap, wireframe or outline will go a lengthy means by defining project goals. When reviewed with each other, you ensure there is nothing lost in communication.” ~ Ross Beyeler, Growth Spark

Freelancer Project’s Goals #3. Explain the process and provide Obvious Feedback

“We possess a network of countless freelancers that people use on projects for the clients. We use our custom software to assist manage them, so we share just as much information as possible concerning the strategy and background from the project. We take time to give each freelancer constructive feedback once the work they do is posted therefore we could enhance their work.” ~ Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co.

Freelancer Project’s Goals #4. Use Video Communications

“Use something like Camtasia to record your screen having a camera recording while you explain what’s expected from the freelancer. Don’t just let them know demonstrate to them. This can lessen the margin for errors and make certain they do know the procedure clearly and properly from the beginning. Upload your instructions to some project management software system with tasks and notifications incorporated to trace the progress.” ~Marcela De Vivo, Brilliance

Freelancer Project’s Goals #5. Use Screen Taken Videos and Vocaroo

“When I required on the new va for any small project, I observed that they was very passionate but simply really was clueless that what she was doing. It required her 2 days to conquer the training curve of being a member of my team. During the day three, she was creating value! I believe displaying things i wanted using video screen capture and delivering her voice notes on Vocaroo was essential.” ~ Cody McLain, SupportNinja

Freelancer Project’s Goals #6. Talk To Telephone Calls or Messaging Services

“Since freelancers are usually remote, I begin with telephone calls to skip a few of the misunderstanding which comes from messaging and also to speed the brief up. However, it will help to utilize a messaging service too because this supplies a fast and efficient method to share documents, directions and expectations. ” ~ Murray Newlands, Due.com

Freelancer Project’s Goals #7. Add Freelancers to Project Management Software Systems

“Invite your freelancer to some project management software system for example Asana or Trello. This helps with communication regarding goals, deadlines and milestones from the project so everyone is on a single page. Obvious and straightforward communication with these applications can help achieve project goals in an ideal way.Inches ~ Joey Kercher, Air Fresh Marketing

Freelancer Project’s Goals #8. Assemble Them for achievement with Specifics

“For any freelance project, writing an intensive brief is among the best steps you can take to make certain you receive the outcomes you'll need. You have to provide them a task overview, business objectives, project objectives, examples (essential), deliverables along with a solid timeline. The greater specific you receive, the greater the freelancer can execute the work.Inches ~ Wesley Mathews, Higher Level Marketing

Freelancer Project’s Goals #9. Make the Set-up

“We hire freelancers in order to save us time, however that doesn’t mean you will get from carrying out work. The greater effort you place into developing a detailed spec sheet, workflows as well as rough mockups, the greater your odds of obtaining the results you would like. Your own personal documentation could be whatever works well with you, however your goal ought to be to consider the facts of the project.” ~ Mark Daoust, Quiet Light Brokerage, Corporation.

Freelancer Project’s Goals #10. Treat Them Just like a New Hire

“Embrace the freelancer as though they’re a brand new hire. Drive them in to the fold and extremely permit them to immerse themselves within the project. Provide them with some possession within the project’s success by incentivizing them and inspiring these to dig along with you. You’ll not just create a powerful relationship, however the freelancer have a strong command over your objectives and endgame. ” ~ Blair Thomas, First American Merchant

Freelancer Project’s Goals #11. Delegate

“If you’re inside a leadership position, relaying project goals to freelancers is really a time suck. Choose someone in your team with a strong knowledge of the work and allow them to onboard and brief the freelancer. Within the finish, this creates rely upon they, and helps to ensure that the freelancer is briefed, while enabling you to concentrate on more essential things.”
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