Top 15 Best Torrent Sites of 2019-2020 Torrent Download Sites

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Torrent is the best place to find and download large file like movies, videos, software, HD Video songs etc. Now each day Bit torrent is among the most used P2P network and countless file is going to be shared within this network daily. The majority of the Torrent users rarely can alter the habits of rats of installing files from torrent. During past year purposes of torrent is dramatically elevated by a significant number as well as figures of best torrent sites are lower because of piracy. But because of many torrent sites available online it’s difficult to find best torrent sites.


Also it’s challenging good torrent files as numerous torrent sites are serving fake and malicious torrent file which might harm your computer. To eliminate this issue we’ve done an investigation for the best torrent download sites and also got some Top and finest torrent sites of 2016 and 2019 and here we will share individuals top torrent sites list. From all of these sites you are able to download any think that you would like like movies, songs, software, games etc and individuals sites are reliable torrent sites and supply top quality torrent files to download, so not need to bother about fake torrent files. Their email list is dependant on traffic rank, Recognition, quality of torrent files and our knowledge about individuals torrent sites. On a few of these listed site you are able to upload your personal torrent file that is produced by only you can tell your buddies So look at this of best torrent sites 2019.

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What's Torrents Really are

But before you go to the very best torrent sites listing of 2019, allow me to explain you what really torrents are and a few terms which associated with torrent for example Seeders, Leeches and Peers.

Torrent: - A torrent file is certainly not however a small file connected with specific content associated with installing file. However the installing speed of torrent totally depends upon seeders, leechers and peers. Seeders: Seeders are individuals who submitted the file.

Leechers: Leechers are individuals who download the file

Peers: Installing the file and discussing are classified as Peers.

emblem-ioThere are a few sites from where one can download the torrent to cloud and one of these is Bitport is really a site which lets you download torrent to cloud Torrents are downloaded through the Bitport servers, no-one can visit your Ip or other information. Also with Bitport you are able to stream movie or video online without installing. You have access to your file everywhere from the tool and explore have to use a torrent.

Now look into the listing of best torrent download sites that is given below.

Top 15 Best Torrent Sites of 2019 - Most Widely Used Torrent Download Sites

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is number position within our list also it is among the best torrenting sites available today. it had been launched in '09 and today Kickass Torrent is easily the most popular, greatest and finest download torrent sites available today for users. The torrent database of the website is larger than the others and contains excellent library of torrent files. The good thing of the website is their comment and feedback system, the consumer community watches the caliber of torrents and provide their recommendations and warnings. It provides download the torrent files in groups like movies, music, software, Anime yet others. Kickass torrent is blocked in United kingdom and Italia but it’s ongoing to develop which is the very best torrent site in United kingdom and it is probably the most looked term.


Torrentz is among the best torrent sites. But unlike other sites it is not a torrent download site and doesn't host any torrent file and never provide torrent file to download. Torrentz is really a fast and free torrent internet search engine that indexed torrent file from various sites and show, when user click torrent file its redirect with other torrent web site to download torrent file.  Torrentz has multiple domain extension and many of them are country based but it’s famous with domain. Just try a search having its search bar it will highlight every site from where one can get the torrent file.

The Pirate Bay (cloned)

Original The Pirate Bay was probably the most dominant TOP and finest torrent sites around the globe where any user can upload and download torrent. But after owner got arrested, the initial domain was taken lower however there are many copies and clone of the site which keep up with the traffic. Here we’ve attached a cloned form of Pirate Bay. Here it is simple to search for all kinds of torrent new release Hollywood and bollywood movies , software, Games for PC Mac PSP, HD Video song, Music etc.

Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is among the most widely used and top and finest torrent sites with countless customer each day and the majority of the user find it after searching torrent file from torrent internet search engine or other internet search engine. ExtraTorrent is constantly on the expand and gain in traffic daily. Extratorrent has huge database in every category. Now it’s become among the best and many active torrent communities.

ISO Search

ISOHunt was among the top and finest torrent sites however it was shut lower by MPAA on 2013 also it was lower. But after shut lower of , premiered on 2013 and it is began to achieve traffic. Though this website isn't affiliated by old isohunt but hopefully it'll alive for lengthy. This website getting countless hit each day and it has huge list and groups of torrent.


1337X is among the Top and finest torrent sites or torrent download sites. Based on 1337x “it was began to fill an evident void where it appeared there is too little quality conscience ad free torrent sites with public trackers”.  Initially this website was began with .org domain extension however they've dropped the .org and today it’s continue domain. They’ve huge database as well as on homepage you’ll get popular software torrent, popular movie torrent, popular games torrent, popular Television Shows torrent, worldwide featured torrent etc which will help user to obtain most widely used torrent file easily.

Torrent Hound

TorrentHound is among the most widely used, top and finest torrent sites. It had been founded on 2007 and ongoing gain traffic and recognition in the the first day. Presently it features a huge giant database of torrents. In the webpage you’ll get detail information like Total torrent, total trackers, total seedes, total leeches, customer each day, total downloads each day etc and then you’ll get most viewed and many download torrent sites in last 24 hrs. With this particular torrent download website you will get top quality torrent free of charge.

Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents  is really a best torrent download sites and contains had the experience for quite some time but was little popular. However it’s obtained its position because of its huge database and excellence of torrent file. Came from here you are able to download top quality torrent of films, software, games and much more. Also its provides torrent groups like Movies Torrents, Television Shows Torrents, Music Torrents, Games Torrents, Applications Torrents, Anime Torrents yet others Torrents. The UI of the website is attractive.


BitSnoop is yet another best and something on most popular torrenting sites which get this amazing database of torrent files. This website provides top quality torrent file to download. From bitsnoop you are able to download anything you like like games for pc mobile mac xbox PSP, movies, software, HD Video and much more. Things are good on this website but popup ads are annoying each time.

Torrent Downloads

TorrentDownloads began on 2011 and continue gain traffic. Formerly it wasn't too popular towards the torrent users however it’s about the most torrent download website around the globe. Torrent Downloads provides top quality torrent on several groups. Around the webpage you will see popular torrent with higher seeds and leech on several groups like Television Shows, Movies, Games, Anime, Software, Books along with other torrent.


Monova is yet another and among the best torrenting sites. If you are using torrent internet search engine like it will recommend Monova torrent site. Out of this torrent download site you are able to download top quality torrent file with higher seeds and good leech. The House Page of the torrent website is neat and supplies a search bar where one can search your torrent file easily. Plus it provides torrent in groups like Latest, Audio, Games, Books, Photos, Software, Video yet others.

Torrent US

TorrentUs is really a new Bit torrent internet search engine however it works much like Torrentz. They offer simple and easy , easiest search features for Bittorrent network through many torrent site only one click.  TorrentUS has 4118538 verified torrents in index. They indexes 22312093 active torrents from 46 different torrent download sites. It's clean navigation which will help to locate any type of torrent files effortlessly.

Torrent Box

TorrentBox is really a rather new but very effective and among the best torrent websites that supplies a simple download of verified torrents. The website offers easy navigation through various groups, about 3 million torrents indexed, detailed content information with comments and reviews.

Torrent DB

TorrentDB may be the ultimate database filled with a lot of torrent files from within the whole network. They index the network for newest files daily and add them in to the catalog. This website offers fast torrent search and browsing in groups. It offers torrent content, quality, rating, seeders and lechers of each and every file.

Small Nova

MiniNova began on 2005 but it isn't much popular torrent site but it’s quite Good torrent website than other. With this particular torrent download site you are able to download good torrent file of films, Songs, HD videos, Software, Games and lots of downloadable files. On this website you are able to browse thorough groups like Anime, Movies, Television Shows, Games, and Software etc. You can also upload a torrent file here effortlessly.


They were the very best torrent sites of 2019. There are numerous torrent sites available and quantity of torrent sites growing daily and here we’ve listed couple of of these since these are reliable, favorite and finest torrent download sites available today. These websites provides highest quality torrent files with lot of seeds so not need to bother about fake or malicious torrent files. So visit any of these listed best torrent sites and download your preferred torrent file.
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